15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (SOC) Realism Unit

If you’re tired of groups or MEU units that don’t make the cut after a couple months, then you should check us out. If you want a rank structure that doesn’t promote because you were on the Captain’s good side, then check us out. If you don’t want a group with 7 Generals, 8 Lieutenants and 3 Privates, check us out. We take pride in our realistic atmosphere and trainings while not sacrificing the fun of the game and being in a group. Our unit was born on June 21, 2007 in Armed Assault: Combat Operations and has around 30 members active at the moment. With personnel in reserve status, it is about 40. We usually do CoOp missions. We are currently about to go onto deployment in an Operation named: Operation Radiant Arrow. What happens in a previous mission affects the next mission. Just like a real MEU, we earned our Special Operations Capable (SOC) designation before going onto deployment instead of just throwing it on like many units like to do.

What You Will Find In the 15th MEU (SOC) * Access to two Armed Assault servers running on Art of War Dedicated Servers. One public server provides a great place to relax and play and recruit new members. One locked server running 15th MEU specific training maps provides the stomping grounds for realistic training and serious play.

* A Teamspeak 3 voice server.

* Active members and Staff who work to keep all members and new joins interested and engaged. Weekly unit training events get all elements of the unit together to train. Light Training events throughout the week focus on the individual elements.

* A focused and in depth basic training course to acquaint new recruits with the structure of the 15th, SOPs, Chain of Command and basic infantry skills. Once passing basic and earning the rank of Private, Hospitalman Recruit, or Student Naval Pilot, members will be assigned to a team or flight school for further specialized training.

* Opportunities for continued training and advancement. Infantry leadership courses for Fireteam Leaders, Squad Leaders. Officer Training Courses for Enlisted members to train into command roles. Active promotion schedules.

* A sharp and professional website with active posting and a handy calendar to keep track of events. A Squad XML roster that is updated diligently, found at http://www.15thmeu.net/squad/squad.xml

* Friendly help with training in game, and also with out of game issues. We’re here for ya.

* And most of all, a fun group to kick back and enjoy a great game with. No crazy requirements or ridiculous mandates for belonging, just some simple courtesies and respect all around.

Requirements – 17+ years of age and the ability to make trainings based around U.S. Central Standard Time – Teamspeak 3 and working Microphone – Copy of ARMA II – Copy of ARMA II: Operation Arrowhead

Website – www.15thMEU.net *Sign up on the forums and post in the recruiting section* If you wish to contact me with questions, do so on the forums via Private Message or just a post in a thread, any of our members will answer them.

Teamspeak 3 info *Even if you’re not joining, you are welcome to hang out in vent with us* – IP: ts3.15thmeu.net – Port: 9177 – Password​: 15nd

Server Names – 15thMEU(SOC) Recruiting Server *Public* – 15thMEU(SOC) Operations Server *Private*

We hope that you consider us. Also, because anyone can make a post with a bunch of words in it, we have a youtube page to gauge for yourself if this is something you wish to be apart of.

Here’s our SOCEX Video Suite: SOC Qualifications

15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit Youtube Page


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